The Alleluias are an interdenominational group of Christian singers and musicians, dedicated to celebrating and worshiping God through the singing of His praise. The group is an all-volunteer Christian family that strives to share the good news of Jesus Christ through the lives of its members as well as through music.
Originally a double octet based in Howard County, Maryland, The Alleluias were formed as an outgrowth of the Howard County Interfaith Choir. That praise ministry began in October 1971, when The Alleluias sang in churches, nursing homes, jails, and other venues that could not accommodate larger groups. Since its inception, the ministry of The Alleluias has been supported solely through gifts and love offerings; and in 1982, The Alleluias was incorporated as a non-profit organization.

The Alleluias have performed throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware; and in 1983, the group was blessed with the opportunity to perform in Australia. While the group has expanded in numbers over the years, the concert venues have remained fairly consistent. Currently, The Alleluias sing on a “by invitation only” basis, depending on schedules and availability. Concerts are free and are open to every person.

Although the members of The Alleluias represent a variety of denominations, professions, and interests, we all share a profound Christian faith. Our goal is to share this faith through songs of praise and worship. We strive to remind all who hear us that God exists, and that He desires to be intimately involved in the lives of His people.