If you are interested in singing with The Alleluias.

You are welcome to attend a rehearsal prior to auditioning. This will give you an opportunity to experience the kind of music we normally sing and to ask any questions that you may have. To give you an idea of the group’s expectations of it’s members, you will see our Mission Statement below, as well as answers to some questions.


The mission statement of The Alleluias is to Glorify GOD through music and to draw people into a deeper spiritual relationship with him.

*Arrive on time at all rehearsals and musical events.  I will let the director and section leader know in advance of any absence due to being out of town. I will call the director before 6:30 pm if unable to attend a rehearsal due to illness or a work conflict. Following the missed rehearsal or event, I will be responsible for contacting my section leader to obtain any information or announcements that I may have missed.

*Prepare for concerts and rehearsals by doing in car warm ups (deep breathing, humming or vocalizing) and by staying hydrated.

*Practice and review music between rehearsals in order to be prepared for all rehearsals and performances.

*Develop and improve my musical skills by participating in all musical workshops made available to The Alleluias.

*Consistently maintain my focus at all times on the directions and comments of the director during rehearsals and performances.

*Be responsible for your music and concert attire at all times as well as for the replacement cost for any lost or damaged music.

*Faithfully carry out my responsiblities as an officer of the group or as a member of a commitee.

*Have regular personal devotions and prayer times for the members and mission of The Alleluias and especially for my prayer partner.

*Endeavor to live a Christian life in order that Christ may be seen in me and through me in my daily activities in the world.


A few frequently asked questions.

*Do members need to be able to read music?

Sight reading is helpful but not required.

*What is the audition process?

The Alleluias invite singers to join the choir at any time during the season. The audition commitee will conduct auditions for prospective members on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm by appointment. The commitee is looking for quality of voice, ability to blend with others, and a capacity to learn music.

Are their any costs involved in being a member.

*Members are respnsible for the cost of their own concert attire. Financial assitence is available if needed.

*The Alleluias maintain a library of sheet music for members to use at rehearsals and concerts. Most of this music is free of charge.

*Members may be asked to contribute a small amount for special CD’s or music.

*Members are asked to contribute a small amount for storing and insuring equipment (generally $5.00 a month annually).

*Members are responsible for providing their own transportation to rehearsals and concerts. Carpooling is encouraged.